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Do you need a non-emergent ambulance transport for a patient

with Medicaid insurance?



In order to get approval for your transport, please email Medicaid at:


Your request will be evaluated by Medicaid and approval should be available within 48 hours.

Please submit your request at least 3-4 business days before the date of transport.

Here is some information to include in your email to Medicaid:

  • Facility or Person Requesting Transport: 

  • Contact Person

  • Patient/Client’s Primary Diagnosis

  • Special Equipment/Care Needed

  • Date the Transport is Needed

  • Pick-Up Location & Address

  • Pick up Time

  • Destination Location & Address

  • Appointment Time

  • Estimated Appointment/Wait time

  • BLS or ALS Level Transport

  • Family or Care Attendant Riding Along: Yes, POA

  • Why Does the Patient Need an Ambulance

Have a question about the process? Please call 425-328-7651

You must pre-schedule your transport

with us at least 2 days prior!

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