Do you need a non-emergent ambulance transport for a patient with Medicaid insurance?


We can help

In order to get approval for your transport, please email Medicaid at


Your request will be evaluated by Medicaid and approval should be available within 48 hours. Please submit your request at least 3-4 business days before the date of transport.

Here is some info to include in your email to Medicaid

  • Facility or Person Requesting Transport: 

  • Contact Person

  • Patient/Client’s Primary Diagnosis

  • Special Equipment/Care Needed

  • Date the Transport is Needed

  • Pick-Up Location & Address

  • Pick up Time

  • Destination Location & Address

  • Appointment Time

  • Estimated Appointment/Wait time

  • BLS or ALS Level Transport

  • Family or Care Attendant Riding Along: Yes, POA

  • Why Does the Patient Need an Ambulance

Have a question about the process? Please email us for help  or call 425-328-7651 opt. 2