Friday, March 4, 2011 === Paramedic === Breanna Koehler, second year EMPT student, works in and around the ambulance she is riding in while she goes through her practicum on March 4, 2011. Photo by: Andrew Crossett

Is the interfacility transportation of a critically injured or ill patient by ambulance, including providing medically necessary supplies and services at a high level of care. SCT is staffed with a minimum of an ALS EMT and CCT-RN, capable of all ALS and BLS procedures. SCT is necessary when a patient’s condition requires ongoing care. Patients who typically require SCT include:

  • Ventilator transports
  • Expanded scope drug administration via IV pumps
  • Maintenance of chest tubes
  • Arterial lines;
  • Accessing central lines
  • Giving life saving medications